urbi et orbi -media terra collection 


AROMA stands out as a testament of living. A move of sweeping (σάρωμα̃) was behind the inspiration of this product. Saroma concrete side table encapsulates the natural charm of the Mediterranean while invoking memories and exuding warmth and authenticity. Crafted with raw materials sourced from natural straw brooms, SAROMA boasts a unique texture and visual appeal, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.Aroma table designed by our studio at 2024 for Urbi et Orbi.


Kamara concrete tables draw inspiration from architectural elements featuring characteristic arches of Santorini and other Cycladic Greek islands. Infused with elements of bohemian luxury, these tables effortlessly blend elegance with comfort.By blending traditional elements with contemporary design, Kamara is not just practical furniture, but also a celebration of cultural heritage and sustainable design principles. The durability and practicality of concrete further enhance its appeal.

Kamara tables designed by our studio at 2024 for Urbi et Orbi.


Inspired by the rich heritage of Mediterranean design and Greek pottery, the Vika pendant lamp embodies timeless beauty and elegance. Crafted from cast concrete and colored in earthy terracotta tones, its natural textures pay homage to the rustic charm of the region.
The Vika light fixture effortlessly blends modern and traditional elements, creating a pendant lamp that adds a touch of Mediterranean culture to any contemporary space. With its refined design and warm hues, Vika illuminates with both style and sophistication, making it a captivating addition to any interior setting.Vika light designed by our studio at 2024 for Urbi et Orbi.

good design awards 2022 

During the presentation of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022, in which I was awarded for the lamp "Lucera" designed for the company Urbi et Orbi.
I had the honor of performing at the National Museum of Modern Art (MMA) on Friday, March 31. It was organized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and honored colleagues from around the world.

urbi et orbi

terra_incognita side table made of cast concrete and terrazzo .Design by our studio late in 2022.
You can find it here


TANGIER is a lacquered sideboard design in 2022 for al2.                                             You can find it here

urbi et orbi

LucerA battery table lamps are made of cast
concrete and semitransparent resin.
Design by our studio in 2021 and win the
you can find it here

Tsokas Fireplaces & Sotiris Lazou Design Studio 

collaboration XENIA 2019    


redesign the "acro" chair with metallic  structure

homad alimou

redesign the interior and the facade of the flagship store in alimou street

NEW COLLABORATION with URBI ET ORBI "concrete pen" "holywater" "tuuub" & "3plo"

urbi et orbi

" Holywater washbasin is made of cast concrete.
Design by Sotiris Lazou design studio in 2019.
Inspired by the holly water and the cross a highly ecclesiastical symbol-motif is the particular washbasin. Basically it is a concrete sculpture with intense organic forms made based on the handmade art! "


design the new flagship store Alimou 540


booth design for XENIA exhibition 2020 at metropolitan expo

"ATHENIAN MODERNISM reinvented - The Collection"

The collection "ATHENIAN MODERNISM reinvented - The Collection", will be created exclusively with the signature of distinguished Greek architects and designers and will consist of furniture and objects for a wide range of needs, such as the furnishing of living, catering and hospitality in Greece, but also abroad.

Camera - Editing: Stavros Symeonidis

With reference to Athenian Modernism, Design Ambassador and Archisearch.gr, in collaboration with Furniture Gallery, invited architectural firms to design the first Greek furniture design collection.

A2 architects / AKA architects / A&M Group / Antonis Kalogridis / Architecture in Concept / Aristides Dallas / Buerger Katsota Architects /

Deda &Architects​ / DELTA ARCHITECTS / Elastic Architects / Urban Soul Project / Kizi studio / K- Studio / R.C. Tech Sotiris Lazou / PILA Studio

Pieris Architects / Petras Architecture / Vikelas Architects / VOIS Architects / 3sk architects

interview for ALTERNATIVA with Babis Christakopoulos